ADX Exclusive: Turbulent Designs Idaho Falls!

FSX/P3D. Turbulent Designs has really, truly come a very long way in a rather short period of time. Now made up of a full team of high talent, in the beginning, there was only Greg Jones and Russ Linn, who had good experience working under different brands, found themselves out of work after having been made redundant. The guys put their heads together and decided to create their own vision. And why not? After all, they both already had the talent and skills of which were simply being put to use for other brands.

Thus the guys realized they already had the tools to grow on their own and as such Turbulent Designs was born. That first year or so was rocky, but a boost from Orbx help the team get the foothold they needed and the first results were... still are, remarkable. Now that the team has branched back off on their own again, they have recruited even more talent and the results are very clear! these guys are very serious and passionate in what they do! Now as we know, MBS is due soon for release and you can expect some exclusives from that project, but the other project the team has been working on (even more projects going in the background I can't talk about) is Idaho Falls and the detail speaks for itself. Still a work in progress, jetbridges not added yet, but after seeing the jetbridge model from MBS, we need not be concerned. Here's a little peak courtesy of our friends at Turbulent! For more information about Turbulent Designs and products, check out the source link below!