DTG Flight Sim World Livestream Concluded.


[Livestreams] Just a quick PSA to notify you that Dovetail Games will be streaming an exclusive look at the upcoming Flight Sim World platform. The team will be streaming via their Dovetail Games Twitch channel. Additionally, ADX will be hosting the stream live right here on the Daily News page. This should be a good opportunity to interact with the dev team, ask questions, and get a good look at the platform. All details noted in the image above. 

Early Access Release Date Set For May 18th @ Approx $25 Bucks. 

Speaking of livestreams, you will notice I haven't been streaming lately. Last weekend was my first weekend off from work in 3 weeks and the next 3 weeks will likely be more of the same. My airline is currently undergoing major changes with regards to the LAX Shuffle in which sadly I have lost my office and fridge with the move as part of all the airline relocations currently taking place on behalf of Delta. You can Google all that. Thankfully, I have no hair to pull out. Long story short, vacation is coming up and I intend to get caught up with the streams then before the jump to FlightSimCon 2017. Thanks for your patience!