MK Working On 1.4 Update To Madeira:

FSX/P3D. According to the team, they are currently processing the following updates: 

- LPMA Afcad optimized handle AI-Traffic with curved approach to Runway 05,
- RNAV Approaches added based on actual Navdata to be used with GPS and ATC,
- Completely redone runway lights for LPMA, 
- ICAO confirmed edge and center line colors ,
- Leadin light flashes have now correct positions,
- Intensity of lights optimized to prevent "glow" effect,
- Visibility of PAPI optimized,
- Apron and Landside vehicle traffic added (AESlite Traffic),
- 3D Lights added to Madeira and Porto Santo Islands,
- Performance optimized,
- Crash detection error removed.