Okay So Like, Remember When I Said...

FSX/P3D. When I first came accorss this project it was one of those FSDeveloper projects that I honestly did not think would see the light of day. Why? Because given the scale of the project for a first time or otherwise unknown developer, the project seemed rather ambitious. All that said however, I thought it looked very good in it's own right much like that first version of Marseilles from JetStream Designs all those years ago. But in looking at it as an Orbx product, I felt it fell far short of my expectations for an Orbx release. Which is why I said I was not impressed with it in my Orbx KSAN stream.

Speaking of which, Orbx KSAN is getting a lot of mixed reactions and admittedly, looking back at it a few more times, my feelings about KSAN are a bit mixed as well. The autogen annotation is not quite as good like developersMisha & Jarrad have been spoiling us with and some of the terminal roof textures are terrible not to mention other issues pointed out in the stream. Perhaps the casualty of streaming at 3 am after 10 hours of dispatching a fleet of 777's... and indeed, there are some serious pro's & cons between the Orbx & LatinVFR versions. The LatinVFR has much better terminal textures in many areas. But there is so much left out of the LVFR version that the Orbx version included. But at the end of the day I stick to my words that I do like the Orbx version.

But in the case with Arlanda, it was farrrrrr better than the DreamFactory Studios version but didn't quite seem to meet what I felt was modern standards in texturing methods. That is... till now. Marcus Nyberg has just announced a major update in the works among which is re-texturing most of the airport and the work looks very good! Dare I say I am quite impressed now! Lest we forget Marcus is working on Bilbao now and after seeing these shots from Arlanda's upcoming update, my confidence for Bilbao is very much secure. I'll admit, I was a bit concerned. Check out all the screenshots. No moving jetbridges yet but in the plans. Thanks to ADX reader Mohammed Amin Kaafar for the tipoff!