BlackBox Announces The L19 Bird Dog:

FSX/P3D. Well it really looks like BlackBox Simulations is finding a new niche. It's not to assert this team is not talented, but their commercial aircraft have been quite underwhelming for many seeming to fall short in many key categories. As it pertains to VFR flying and GA aircraft, this category of flight simming is stronger than ever and scenery & aircraft developers freeware and payware are catering heavy to this demographic. Clearly, BlackBox has realised this and appears to be committing to developing lite VFR aircraft with today's introduction of the Cessna L19 Bird Dog. 

Now I have not yet had time to check out their latest release, the Scottish Aviation Bulldog just yet but the feedback I've been getting has been very positive and to put a cherry on top the team has a trial version of the aircraft for you to check for ourselves. Now all that said, I am shocked to see BlackBox going after the Bird Dog considering the fact that the SibWings version old as it is, is still a top notch addon that is hard to beat in both visuals and flight dynamics. I'm very interested to see how the BlackBox variant will compare to that of the SibWings. Time will tell soon enough but one thing is certain, BlackBox Simulations is not back on my radar. More info via the source link.