AeroFlyFS2 Releases UTAH!

AFS. I know AeroFlyFS2 doesn't have much to offer in this early stage in this development, namely high end detailed aircraft. However, from what I understand, this is something "certain" third party developers are working on as we speak not to mention the work Orbx is doing at the moment. I have seen some of what Orbx is doing with the platform and needless to say it's amazing stuff much of which will be revealed at FlightSimCon 2017 I'm sure. I'll be livestreaming interviews again this year. Im the meantime, the state of Utah has just been released for us VR users this is a huge plus. Experiencing AFS2 in VR is unlike anything ever with a average of 200 FPS and an average loading time of 10 seconds, it is indeed a fun platform to enjoy. Yes it still lacks A LOT! But this is changing over time. If you are a fan of the platform, check it out! You will find it on Steam.