Simwings Barcelona: Stepping Up The Game!

FSX/P3D. Now this is a very interesting one! We knew SimWings would be working on a new version of Barcelona but looking back at at the other v2 projects they released recently, they were indeed needed updates with new features and brought the airports into line with their real world counterparts but that was pretty much about it. SimWings did not appear to be interested in upping the game by doing things like internal modeling. Needless to say, they were unfazed by the El Prat released by JustSim a few months back but clearly, the LatinVFR version has their attention and thus, they are taking a leap forward in lieu of simple updates this time around. No doubt this will be very interesting. I imagine we will see updates from LVFR really soon i'll be keeping a look out. You get the soda, i'll get the popcorn! More via the source link below!