Orbx Saanen: A Much Closer Look!

FSX/P3D. This really takes me back to the old FlyLogic days except with a visual quality level that is a thousand times better. I remember my first Mailsoft FlyLogic scenery. It was the brand new Zurich scenery and I found it by chance after extensive searches online for a good LSZH payware. Back then I (in real life) I was passing through Zurich about 12 times a year and was desperate to get a version in FS. No it did not have the brand new Dock E but it was good for it's day till FSDT came along and blew it away. But Zurich was only the beginning and Switzerland has so much to offer for VFR operations and it is a truly beautiful place to fly. Thus I bought all the other sceneries. Many of those sceneries although not bad, really show their age when compared to airfields of equal size from developers like Orbx and 29Palms although Lugano is still really, really good. 

Nerveless FTX PNW still to this day remains my favourite region to fly in followed by FTX NOR but there is no region in mainland Europe than the Alps regions and to see Orbx moving in and tackling these small fields is a delight. Check out the latest from Saaen.