Orbx: "Project A" Well Underway! Here's LOWI!

AFS. Orbx has been very quiet regarding the inner workings about Project A and today we tat a big taste of just one venture Orbx is engaging with it. The other is obviously Meigs field and there are other projects I can not mention just yet. In the mean time Jarrad Marshall has just unleashed his major Innsbruck preview showing us just how top notch the imagery is. And if it's still not clear, we are talking about AeroFlyFS2! 

AeroFlySF2 is a new platform that has immense potential and Orbx is looking to show it off first hand. What's even better is if you own a pair of VR goggles, AFS2 is by far the most immerse simulation out there in VR. As for Innsbruck, Jarrad goes into all the features the scenery will deliver and pricing and if you think all it is, is a portover from the FSX/P3D version think again, this version stands alone and takes advantage of what only AFS2 can offer. Get all the details via the source link below! Very exciting times indeed!    

The bottom line here is, if you haven't been taking AeroFlyFS seriously or never thought to give it a try, it's really time you do! These images speak for themselves and you can fully expect this platform to evolve in the near future. More detail's to come at FlightSimCon2017 where we will be streaming live! Full schedule will be published soon!