ADX Exclusive: Turbulent Designs WDS MBS! In Beta!

FSX/P3D. This project has been a long time coming and all of you in line for this magnificent scenery have been extremely patient regardless how many emails you sent me over the last couple years. Now as we all know, "The Golden Child" Russ White (more like the Golden Daddy) so known for his Orbx masterpieces ventured out on his own a few years back. The reason was simple, over the years Russ had been building a new vision for his future much like that of Turbulent and as such, Russ and Turbulent make a perfect match. The group and Orbx maintain great relationships and their products seamlessly work together in harmony. On the other side, they all like live in the same city so it was a no brainier!

Now Russ has been extremely busy developing projects alongside MBS lest anyone think he has been dormant. Trust me when I tell you he has been very much active. With all those other products now out of the way this year, Russ has been freed up to focus and press full speed ahead on MBS which has now reached beta stage! All you as the reader need to do is look as those super sick screenshots above! They are insane! I have been teasing you all for years regarding this scenery including in a section of my A2A Comanche review I wrote back in 2015. Well soon MBS will finally be yours! Hang in there, not much further to wait!

Want the full detailed features list? Want even more screenshots? Hit the source link below!!