Aerosoft Tahiti X2: "It's not looking good..."

FSX/P3D. Sure the first version of this scenery published on behalf of Aerosoft, was good for it's day. The developer set out to recreate the scenery to the modern standards of 2012 which was okay for 2012 but after Orbx released the Samoa scenery in 2015, it became quite clear, this scenery that has now been in development for nearly 5 years may be falling behind and that's a double entendre.

The work has had few previews since it's announcement leaving many to wonder what exactly is going on with the project and it's developer. The most recent response from Mathijs just 3 hours prior to this post when asked is simply put verbatim: "It's not looking good to be honest, we need to decide on this soon." Indeed Aerosoft is a publisher of products and Aerosoft relies on the developers to get their products to completion. And as a publisher, Aerosoft is known to tow the line to help developers with whatever resources needed to get the job done. In this case however, from here, it's not looking good indeed. Let's hope things get on track... After all, who doesn't love Tahiti?