Yes Indeed It Was Trondheim!

FSX/P3D. Consider the beans spilled! Evidently ADX Avatar Guy's post was not cryptic enough because many of you correctly guessed it and as a result he did not approve your comments. It's the Norwegian project I told you all was coming for the past 6 months or so. I just got off a Skype call with famed developer Jo Erlund and the beta testing is progressing. I have been enjoying the scenery immensely and can assure you this version of Trondheim Vaernes is indeed everything you have been wishing for. It comes packed with features so good you may not want to depart at all. I'll upload some of my own shots soon but for now you can check out all the official shots via the source link and yes, Jo will be joining me in the livestream once released. Should be fun! Stay tuned!! It's another home run for Norway!