Flight1's Cessna 162 Skycatcher: Now Free!

FSX/P3D. I bought this little gem not long after it was initially released. Back then I was simming in P3Dv1.4 back when very few was interested in the platform (or scared of it.. you know... EULA) I found the addon to be a very solid representation of the C162 and even to this day, it still is. The only drawback was the right side MFD was not compatible with P3D and there was to my knowledge no plans to upgrade it. Because of this it has been hangared for years. Well, Flight1 has just released the addon for free and I can tell you first hand it has an updated installer that points to P3Dv3.X. As of this moment, Rafael, my partner in Brasil is testing it. I will report back as soon as it's confirmed to be fully working in P3D. In the mean time, you can give it a shot for yourself because after all, it's free!!! 

Update: Fully working in P3Dv3! There will be no support for the addon. Oh and watch out for dirt buildup on the windscreen!