DreamFlight Quito: Progress!

FSX/P3D. I think it's been something like 2 years since ADX first announced this project. Why no updates? Because the developer has been working on multiple projects in conjunction with other developers that has been released over that time. Now as we know Aerosoft has released Quito in partnership with the team formally knows as A-Flight, but this version from DreamFlight Studios is the rendition of the new airport as you can obviously see from the modern architecture representing the airport hotel above. I am a huge fan of DreamFlight and if you haven't yet, go grab Liberia and Perpignan right now! Top quality addons from this developer. Last I spoke to him a couple weeks back, he is steam rolling full speed ahead with Quito so hopefully the wait won't be too much longer... if the above shot is any indication of the things to come, then we are in for a real treat!