CeraSim: New Site, New Rotor Birds. You Choose!

FSX/P3D. We honestly just don't get as many helicopters as I would like these days. With Nemeth Designs seemingly gone, I always thought Alabeo would stand in seeing as they did so well with the R66 but that seems like a one off project. MilViz is REALLY good but none in the visible future as far as I can see. There are a few others out there but most notable is CeraSim, who released the AS365 which is now officially for P3D. I had been waiting for that update before taking the plunge and now there is nothing to stop me! The developer has just opened their new website with a poll for future project developments. It looks like this highly talented team is here to stay! As for the next project, head over to Cerasim and put in your choice! Thanks TO AG for the tipoff, now I'm off to grab that AS365!