Airbus Embraces It's Products In Flight Simulation:


This is an interesting one. Airbus has announced it's interest in working closely with the PC gaming industry and wants to encourage development of "flight entertainment" simulations, games, apps, and addons of it's aircraft while ensuring best use of the Airbus brand and image in the process. This means within these relationships, provided Airbus approves of the adddon, they will provide full licensed authorized use for developers and flight simulation enthusiasts. According to Airbus, a campaign will be launched this year to begin communications with developers and begin monitoring product releases. To be clear, Airbus intends to directly approach third-party companies about becoming licensed.  

So if you are making Airbus products for FS be it freeware or payware, Airbus is looking forward to working with you. Now I want to be clear about what developers will need aside from official licensing, and that's direct access to aircraft. When aircraft developers have full unrestricted access to the aircraft they are developing, the better the accuracy. Now the original article does not state how developers should get in touch with them thus I assume they just sit back and wait for the phone call... Nevertheless, it's heart warming to see a major air-framer embrace the development of it's aircraft in flight simulations! Thanks to Quintin Balmand & Mohammed Kaafar for the tipoff.