FTX SCO SP4 Incoming:

FSX/P3D. I still feel deeply heartbroken about the demise of Earth Simulations. The contributions from the Darren & Jacky duo is something that will be missed for years to come. If you never got your hands on Isle of Man, it's one of the most beautiful sceneries you will never own. All that said though, I really do think it was a bit ambitious to take on that Scottland project post FTX SCO. Once you include the massive 50gb instillation, it was simply to much for too many to handle when the Orbx variant was much smaller in scale with a much easier means to obtain. I have the project and to this day I do not use it because it takes up too much drive space. But that said, it remains the most detailed region ever created for flight simulation.

In the mean time, Orbx FTX SCO is on it's way to SP4 with many added POI's while also enhabncing many of the Scottish Islands and reworked landclass. All that said, you simply can't put in the Loch Ness Monster asking for about 3 fiddy and not include the set of Skyfall. I mean right? And if the Loch Ness Monster does show up on your doorstep asking for 3 fiddy, you tell him to go to hell!