The LevelD 767 Makes It's Way Into P3D!

P3D. It's the best addon of decade's past from the team I like to call the one hit wonder: The LevelD 767! Imagine if this team managed to stay on top of their game, PMDG may have had to carefully choose their projects. But with LevelD seemingly to be all but dead, all we can do is think back to how good they were for that long past time period. It's not to say the LevelD 767 is not still a solid addon functionality wise though. Study level addon aircraft are few and far in-between these days and LD left a pair of shoes in the closet NO one has been able to fill so they might as well continue to fill their own shoes in one of the most advanced platform the majority of us are using these days: P3D.

Now LevelD did recently upgrade the product to W10 but I didn't consider it news unless they added full P3D compatibility. In some areas she holds up well and not so much in others but hey, this is the best you're gonna get! So might as well let all that money you spent 10 or so years ago continue to bring you enjoyment. Thanks to ADX readers Keith Mann & Volker Jacob for the tipoff!