The Adventures Of ADX Avatar Guy!

P3Dv? Howdie folks, it's Avatar Guy back again and I am out touring and beta testing a new scenery from one of the very best developers in the business. As much as I would just loooove to show you some screenshots and tell you what it is, I cant just yet and so my editor has blurred the one selfie I took. I am sure official previews will appear soon enough here on ADX and elsewhere but all I can say it it's an amazing work! The airport is situated in a full fat Orbx region but is not an Orbx airport. The region has many fun and challenging airports to discover from various developers.

The landscape is among the most beautiful in the whole of both the FS and real worlds. Lots of high detail and internal modeling. Hmm... let's see any other hints... many have been waiting a very long time for this airport to come from the ground up to native P3D. The dev is known to build in both extreme cold and extreme humid heat locations. D'Andre has been talking about this airport in cryptic form for nearly 5 months now. You'd have to go back and watch every livestream he did during that time. Feel free to guess if you wish. Release is not too far away and the livestream to follow along with another airport nearby we have not previewed yet. Hope I don't get into trouble! Cheers!

-Avatar Guy