v1.1: This Is TropicalSim's Omaha I Wanted To See!

FSX/P3D. Product update! I think many of you thought I was being unnecessarily hard on the TropicalSim team with the release of their Omaha scenery. And many of you felt that the airport is not much to look at anyway thus any greater level of detail was not necessary. But the bottom line is I know TropicalSim and I have been enjoying their products for years and is why I knew they had done better in the past when it comes to features, textures, and representation. Not everything has to be of FlyTampa or FlightBeam or JetStream quality in order to be good. And TropicalSim fills their category extremely well.

The guys went back to the scenery after my comments and interactions with you all here and have returned with the Omaha I wanted to see! Agreed, this is no super beautiful airport in real world but now the simulation version truly does mirror it's real world counterpart as it should and I am sure you will agree, this looks wayyy better over the first version. Anyone still want to argue with me?  Here's some of what they did for this new version: 

  • Baked textures with ambient occlusion
  • Specular maps on glass terminals
  • Wet ground surface effects
  • 3D Lights over the photoreal roads
  • Volumetric (halo) lighting 
  • Reworked PR & more! 

I'll toss this into a future livestream but overall I am happy to say this is now a proper Omaha you should go get! Great work Carlos & Leandro! See the full list of upgrades in v1.1 via the source link!