The Aerosoft Airbus Is Really Going To Be Amazing!

FSX/P3D. And no doubt all eyes are on it. Finally this year we will have a decent Airbus widebody to start to balance the scales with the Boeing counterpart addons. NLS crapped the bed to there will ever be an A380 so far as I can see. The entire A340 series is basically dying off. The SimCheck A300 is still out there but I wonder if that model is as outdated as the aircraft itself. The A350 got some love in XPlane but I have never heard anyone ever talk about it and seriously wonder if it's vapor. That team really should have considered the FSX/P3D genre. I am really curious where the Airbus team will look next but hopefully in the post A330 interim they will consider the NEO for both the A320 and A330. Anyhoo, new shots are up and this latest set really shots the promise of this addon. Thanks to Mohamed K for the tipoff!