FlyTampa AMS Schiphol Updated To v1.1

FSX/P3D. One of the best just got better! Emilios is currently in the process of working on Martin's Las Vegas scenery but he has also made some time to update his precious Amsterdam scenery. Here's what's been updated and thanks to MK for the tipoff!

-Optimised AFCADs
-Included 'all rwys open' AFCAD variation in configurator)
-Both types of SafeGate are now fully functional in latest P3D version
-Increased visibility of twy centreline lights
-Fixed flickering issues
-Optimised VDGS distances
-Corrected some gate numbering and positioning on ground
-Taxisign corrections and additions
-Minor corrections to apron vehicles and other details
-Amsterdam scenery landmarks added
-Apron gatehouses added
-Added detail elements on 3D bridges
-Minor editing to various textures to remove errors
-Airport ground detail added and other minor corrections
-RWY guard lights updated (changed from red/green to red/OFF)