PA-28R Arrow III SP1 Released.

FSX/P3D. I have been spending some time testing the JF PA-28R Arrow III and out the door she is not perfect. But then again, no aircraft ever is. Here's the list of fixes just released you can get from your webshop account: Flight1 GNS integration added, interactive engine start checklist added, FSUIPC auto-saves trigger panel state save - fixed, option to disable 2D panel selector arrow added to PA-28 menu, “GPS changed. Updating HSI source…” message keeps appearing – fixed, battery voltage low/oil quantity low message will now appear onscreen to warn of potential failures, changes to engine start logic, changes to fuel selector logic, flaps not moving with electrical power off – fixed, battery discharge and oil usage now occur only when engine management is enabled, door now only closes fully when both latches are closed, slight delay in electrical power availability after battery/alternator switched on, for added realism.