FSDT Louisville! Looking Terrific! However...


FSX/P3D. I love and have always loved FSDT minus Houston... Visual quality-wise it was strong in some areas and weak in others visually. Memphis was a strong return to the quality level we have come to expect from FSDT however, the Couatl engine is something I have chosen to kick out of my life. It's the reason why I never did a MEM livestream. Sometimes it would work and other times nothing would show up at all. Then there's the long odd loading times when either loading the scenery or flying into it. Sorry to say, but after years of dealing with it, I'm done and I am finally able to make this decision because FlightBeam is moving their properties away from Couatl as well. 

That said, it really sucks because Louisville looks really good. Check out the latest shots via the source link!