Drzewiecki Is Reworking JFK, EWR, & LGA!

FSX/P3D. Drzewiecki Design is seriously busy these days with not only several airports in NYC airports v2 but also with Seattle City. The latest update shows shots of Drzewiecki's futuristic version of La Guardia. Now as many of you know, LGA had several designs contingent on Delta Airlines pitching in an immense of money and the final design would be based on DL's final decision.

At the time ImagineSim was working on the airport, it didn't appear DL would be going through with the investment after all so Imagine with that version with considerations of updating the airport later on. Now that DL has confirmed involvement Drzewiecki is moving forward with that version. The team does note that whereas this version will be detailed it will be a more simplistic version of the airport. More screens via the source link!