AirDailyX Partners With AviaSim!

As we all know, getting access to something like a LevelD simulatior is next to impossible unless you work for an airline or currently in training. That means, the only thing you will be experiencing is a sweatbox and are not having much fun. AviaSim knows this very well and has set out to deliver a professional flight simulation experience for enthusiasts.

AviaSim is the world leading brand in Entertainment Flight Simulation. With 16 simulation centers in Europe and a fleet of nearly 30 simulators, it is the largest and most recognized simulation center brand. Appraised by the press as the best and most innovative entertainment business in Europe for several years, AviaSim opens it's doors to beginners as well as aviation enthusiasts that wish to fly replicas of large jets, fighter aircraft, and helicopters.

Accompanied by an experienced real world pilot, customers get to become a commercial or fighter jet pilot for the day experiencing the thrill of flying over more than 24,000 destinations at any time of the day, and in any weather condition. Make the experience even more exciting, by simulating failures and stressful scenarios. The AviaSim concept is also ideal for all your parties and business events, and will provide guests/employees with a lasting impression!

Behind the fun and entertaining aspect of the business, AviaSim has always been a performance oriented business, that aims at mixing a fascinating business with solid economics and a promising business model. Interested in heading over for a flight? AirDailyX readers can take 10% off their next visit by entering the code: AIRDAILY10 for a 10% rebate!

Currently, AviaSim is looking to expand and franchise and there are many reasons to own an AviaSim Simulation Center:

  • Join a network that has satisfied thousands of customers and provides an incredible and unique experience.
  • Enjoy a business model that allows for quick expansion and real profits.
  • No previous knowledge of aviation is required to run an AviaSim franchise.
  • AviaSim will provide extensive on-site training, to ensure efficiently from day-one.
  • Year round technical support and assistance.
  • AviaSim's training program includes a full training of your first instructors for procedures and use of the simulators to ensure your opening is a hassle free journey.

AviaSim's goal is to help you open, staff, market, and operate your AviaSim center quickly and
confidently. You gain access to AviaSim's tried-and-true business model, including operational and financial practices to grow your business fast. They provide a complete package of ready-to-use marketing tools, and corporate support to implement customer acquisition.

AviaSim is also looking for individuals to join their license network team. If you are energetic, independent, and enjoy working in a fascinating business environment. Get in contact with AviaSim today! Ideal candidates should have an entrepreneurial spirit, solid business and sales skills, and be an active part of the communities in which they live and work.

For more information about joining AviaSim or just booking a flight, you can get more information via the source link below!