Aeroplane Heaven Announces The Curtiss C46!

FSX/P3D. Aeroplane Heaven can really be hit & miss in regards to their addons. I have never seen so many sporadic quality addons come from a single developer. But here is what I have surmised. Projects that are direct AP products are simply amazing. And products made under contract seem to fall short. As an example, AP's Miles Hawk Speed Six and Globe Swift are amazing whereas their Falcon 7X and Tecnam P2006T were huge disappointments. In the case of the C46, they absolutely have to get this one right. The BAC111 and HS748 are getting a lot of mixed responses but those were under contract. Us Buffalo Airways fans will be watching this one really closely because we all know, AP can seriously hit addons out of the park when they really want. We are waiting very eagerly!