Iain's Got His Hands On LOWI!

FSX/P3D. BIG NEWS! Innsbruck is back with another round of shots and this time it's from Iain which means the product has reached beta stage!! Iain's first shots even more so display the beauty and detail of this amazing masterpiece which will no doubt be one of the biggest releases releases this year. This is Innsbruck delivered in the level of quality it truly deserves. Jarrad really took his time and his passion for the craft of scenery development really shines throughout this work. Check out the latest shots or as Iain himslelf might say: "Smashing set these..." . It's getting close folks leaving the question:

Which will be released first? LOWI or P3Dv4 x64?

Update: LOWI will not be released this weekend. But the next 2 weeks will be very exciting!! Stay tuned!