iBY's Herons Nest v2.0 In Testing!

FSX/P3D. With his highly successful Nantucket scenery now finally in your hands, the amazing Bill Womack has returned back to his Heron's Nest for some updates. Now for those you unaware to this nice little scenery, much like Bill's Cushman Meadows, The Herons Nest is a fictional retreat, a little island getaway off the coast of Maine and if you like a challenge, feel free to align yourself up with the approach. Version 2.0, will fix the existing problems with custom terrain mesh by modeling the entire island, including all vegetation, buildings, and objects, as a single object.  More detailed information and images via the source link. Don't forget, Pearson Field is currently in development being Bill back to the PNW region. Hopefully more information on that soon!