Here's The Latest From TFDi:

FSX/P3D. In their latest community update, TFDi gives us a bit of insight into their thought processes, what's currently being implemented and what's planned for the future of the 717 program:

"Since release, we’ve all (the TFDi team) come to realize that we were looking at the state of the aircraft the wrong way. In the professional software world, releasing an initial iteration of a program and adding features over time is not only acceptable but standard. This is exactly what we did. That said, that method of approaching it is unreasonable for something like an aircraft. You wouldn’t make a car without air conditioning and windshield wipers but promise them later – that is more how our release happened (but not what we intended). That leads to our shift in position – along with the community beta, which gave us a place to test things before we throw them into the official release, we’re working on not band-aiding bullet holes."

The team goes on to discuss developments surrounding the The REF System, MCDU Annunciators, 2D Popups, VMIN/Approach Performance, Stability/Bug Fixes, and What’s Pending Code/Systems-Wise as well as visual updates. Get the entire scoop via the source link below!