Carenado Announces The B390 Premier.

FSX/P3D. Carenado is once again returning to the lite business jets and this time it's the Beechcraft Premier. I won't lie, this is not one of the prettiest jets out there. I would have elected for the 400XP. I know many are typically not pleased with Carenado's systems and in recent months the inclusion of the GTN systems has made people really happy. But in the case of jets like this, I am sure they will not include GTN avionics leaving many of you to hack it like you did with the Hawker. But I actually have another idea for Carenado.

We all know Carenado's stronger area is in the analogue gauges department so perhaps (go with me on this) Carenado takes a strike with the more classic business jets because believe it or not, there are still a lot of us non millennials that still love VOR navigation. Therefore imagine Carenado releasing the likes of these aircraft just to name a few:

  • North American T-39 Sabreliner
  • Dassault Falcon 20
  • Lockheed JetStar
  • Hansa Jet

Coupled with Carenado's beautiful and gorgeous looks on these older beauties that actually require effort to fly them could be a really exciting niche for Carenado. What are your thoughts? And besides, aircraft like this would make more sense to include GTN avionics as aftermarket addons as opposed to trying to do that to aircraft like above which I am sure will come with the PL21. Am I overreaching here? Thanks to ADX reader Dave L for the tipoff!