Uh-Oh Editors Note...

This is honestly a funny one here. There seem to be a group of people who are upset that I misled them into thinking today's big news preview announcement via ADX social media was in regards to P3Dv4. So let's discuss that for a minute because the internets and AVSIM are in a frenzy over this. My question here to those who thought it was P3Dv4 related: why did you think this? 

Has ADX been posting any rumours between here and the moon about P3Dv4 release information? Have I been taking anything and everything said about P3Dv4 via various forums and Facebook pages and compiling all of that here in one place over the last few weeks to hype you up and lead you to believe it true? No. But yet, for some reason, there are a lot of people sitting at the edge of their seats recently under the impression that P3Dv4 x64 is imminent with either no concrete information to back it up or with information that was not meant to be openly shared. So, if you are not getting that information here, (you are not) then you are obviously getting it from somewhere else where there is an obvious goal to get you hyped up about it. That and somebody running around claiming it will be released on Friday which many of you are feeding on making things worse. So indeed bad timing here. I know there have been times when I have posed a rumour or two but I would not dog you like this and I would at least have the sense to add a disclaimer to keep folks from going off the rails. 

There are many FS news websites out there and at least one that hates ADX and go around spreading ADX hate and yet operate in the same manner that they accuse ADX of operating. Just to be clear here, when I have news about P3Dv4 that I am cleared to share, I will share it. Believe me there is nothing I'd rather do. Today's announcement was about Innsbruck and why is that big news? Because I have been getting slammed via both emails, Facebook, ADX posts, and twitter messages since October about when more news about Innsbruck (and a certain Learjet) would be coming. These are the 2 of the top 5 biggest addon projects people are interested in right now. So finally for all those people, that was your big news and many of you already accurately guessed that and are happy.

My point here is, when you get news from other sources, do not hold ADX accountable to it. Now if Lockheed Martin gives us something to share we will. But till then, don't expect ADX to feed this ridiculous ongoing rumour mill. And as for that Learjet, yes I know! I'll reach out on that ASAP and get back to you! 

More big news incoming by the way, not related to P3Dv4.