So How's About That FB MSP??

FSX/P3D. Indeed many of you as well as myself had hoped that FlightBeam's Minneapolis St. Paul would have been released by end of 2016. No doubt many are wondering why it's taking so long. Well I'd put it this way: FlightBeam does not release a product until every "i" is dotted and every "T" is crossed. As with Frankfurt, FlightBeam does not take on a project unless they can have full certainty that they can deliver every detail whether you care to see them or not. It's called pride and passion in one's work. But I don't need to tell you that.

After all, just look at some of these latest shots for yourself. I have said it before, MSP is not some fancy new pretty futuristic looking airport like Dubai, or many of these airports popping up in China and yet, the work here is simply beautiful and ever so pleasing to the eyes as the scenery will be to our sims. As for future features FlightBeam will have? Well for starters NO MORE ADDON MANAGER & COUATL!! Here's what Mir had to say:

"Hello Folks, time for a well deserved update. This project is entering approach and we're currently dialing in the ILS frequency. There's a plethora of new features and updates I want to talk about, but this is just a brief update so no one thinks this project has dropped off the face of this planet. 

This is by far, the most ambitious project I've ever layed my hands on, and it's been extremely challenging. The amount of detail, accuracy, fidelity, and performance just blows away our previous product, KSFO-HD. I sincerely apologize for the delays, but in the end it will be worth it. Here are some highlights of this update: 

- We've mentioned before in a few support topics about implementing a new "system" for installation and activation, so the cat is out of the bag at this point. Starting this year we're moving away from the Addon Manager / Couatl, and we're developing a totally custom new system which is more user-friendly and less prone to technical issues. I'm just skimming this topic, because a full announcement with screenshots of this exciting new system will be coming soon. 

- The Delay.. what's it about? There has been production issues dealing with contractors since the start of this project. This has forced me to take on almost all the workload. The issues ranged from the quality of the production, to delays in getting assets. Since taking over, these issues have been resolved, however it has taken a hit on the schedule.  In addition to this, moving away from the Addon Manager/Couatl system is forcing me to use a totally new file format and container in the sim. There were many compatibility issues in the beginning, however changes were made and we're now set. 

Please note from the screenshots, that there are no jetways and there may be additional missing details. These are things that still need attention and are not ready for display.  Jetways will be SODE, with a possibility of including an option to use standard FSX-type Ctrl+J jetways...."

So yes, we wait patiently because soon enough MSP will be in our hands and it will be awesome! Want more shots than what you see here? Hit the source link below for more! Thanks to ADX reader Mohamed Kaafar for the tipoff!