Proof That UFO's & Chemtrails Exist!

I have been saying this for years now that chemtrails exist and are the work of Donald Trump (the one thing Trump and Obama agree with) to poison the people of the world. Additionally, you can see the German military is in on it as you can see German air force fighters pooping the chem's as well as they chase down a passenger jet. At the 1:30 mark you will also see a UFO zipping across the screen. Note to all pilots, remember when dispensing your chemtrails, it's important to keep in contact with ATC otherwise you could wind up with F-16's or in this case, armed Typhoon fighters up your ass. So remember, fly safe, chem safe! Happy Tuesday!

Note: This is a Facebook post so if you are at work browsing ADX instead of working, the video above might be blank.