Orbx: No Upgrade Fee For Next P3D!

P3D. I know there's a lot of speculation currently about the near future of P3D and indeed there are many scavenging the internets for any possible rumors and reading into any and everything alluding to what's next and posting it like it's amateur hour. Now rather than extend on this trend, I'd much rather wait till there's actual news to report. Besides, being under NDA's myself, I can't share anything anyway. But I will say this, the future is extremely bright for P3D fans and even more so for Orbx fans.

It's no secret that the people behind Orbx have been busting their asses over recent years with dual, triple, and quadruple installers in an effort to keep everyone happy and all platforms up to date and this does indeed cost Orbx a lot of time and money to keep up. Now some time back John Venema did say that in the future, at some point, some of the cost of these constant platform product updates would be passed along to the consumer. Well I am happy to report that as it pertains to the next version of P3D (however significant it may be ;) Orbx will not be charging for product upgrades to the next P3D platform. Here's what John had to say: 

"Hi all, There's been a bunch of speculation about our pricing policy for the next version of P3D, likely based on my previous posts back in December.

Let me clarify: we will NOT be charging anything for our products for the next version of P3D. They will be 100% free to use on the new platform. Better still, through the magic of FTXCv3 you won't even need to re-download them.

Please do NOT ask me or any member of the Orbx team about any tech details about any new P3D releases from LM, or why we can make this zero-cost promise. We are under NDA and we will not be pressed into talking about it for obvious reasons. If and when LM give us permission to discuss things publicly then we'll do so.

I just wanted to reassure those with a sizeable investment in Orbx products for P3D that you won't be asked a penny more to upgrade."

Really good news coming out of Orbx. As for news on the next version of P3D, I will have OFFICIAL news for you as soon as I can. Thanks to Jordan King for the tipoff!