Here's Your Feb FlightSimCon 2017 Update!

[Events] I hope many of you took advantage of the Early Bird Special! We now have an early name list of exhibitors who will be showcasing at the event. As you already know, will be there along with PCPilot whom will be providing event coverage. Here's a quick rundown of who will also be there: Orbx, QualityWings, Pilots, Aerosoft, GoFlight, JustFlight, JAviator, EasternHops, Boston Virtual ARTCC, Vatsim, Ivao, FS Flight Control, and Vaughn College. There are a number of other big name vendors whom will be attending including 3 well known high end aircraft developers. But more on that soon! Get your tickets now! More information about the event via the source link!

Oh and yes, Tom Galvin will be back with his real world C172 modified simpit.