FSDT GSX & MEM Get Updates!

FSX/P3D. If you are a direct FSDT customer then you most likely already received these emails like I did but if not, FSDT has just released 2 significant updates. The first is Memphis which they say focuses on performance improvements and improves visual quality of many applied textures, including the ground poly. They say the update gives a 150-200 MB VAS saving over the previous version. Next up is GSX version with several new features, and bug fixes:
- Icing conditions detection more realistic, now based on Temperature + Dew Point.
- Deicing pads added to Zurich and O'Hare.
- Refueling starts by filling wings tanks first, then the central ones and finally externals.
- Preset Fuel quantities indicated in USGAL and Lb/Kg (depending on International settings).
- Automatic detection of 3rd party progressive refuel simulation made optional in GSX - Settings.
- Support for Prepar3D 3.4.22 (Hotfix 3).
- Support for the PMDG 747-400 V3.
- Don't remove PMDG Ground Equipment around the airplane by default.
- Airplane Configuration: Don't display traffic cones if engine z < -100 meters. Used by the Concorde.
- New Ground Operators added: Aegean, Air Asia, Brussels South Charleroi, EVA Air. REQUIRES Downloading the Vehicles Update or the Full GSX Installer.
- More precise collision detection at KMEM.
- Bugfix: Refueling not stopping anymore when quantity requested exceeded the tanker capacity and the "Multiple Trips" option was disabled.
- Bugfix: Departure (PushBack) queuing.
- Bugfix: Random operators appearing when parking has no codes.
- Bugfix: Progressive refueling requested by custom aircraft system, activated only if aircraft is parked.

To install the new update, you have two options:

Download the latest Full installer, which contains everything or download the latest Stand-Alone Addon Manager and the latest Vehicles Update from the GSX page.