SimClouds: A New Weather Program Coming?

FSX/P3D. Over in the French Forum Pilote-Virtuel, I person is introducing his team which he says is called: NewDimensions and the first first product to market from this teal will be a new weather system called SimClouds for FSX and P3D. He goes on to say the product has been in development for a year and will be the first time for a program to break the FSX/P3D weather limitations. Now this is translated from French but here is the gist of it:

"The program is expected to have completely new cloud models and textures with true thickness and color depiction for each variant of clouds depending on their density which is over 300 models & 3000 textures. Many errors have been corrected (what errors?) to bring you an exceptional visual experience with "unbelievable performance" even in dense weather situations. Say goodbye to the actual weather rendition!

New clouds for FSX/P3D never seen before such as Nimbostratus, Stratocumulus, Altostratus, AltoCumulus, Cirrostratus and Cirrocumulus, all variants of Cirrus and of course Cumulonimbus and it's terrific supercells ! We also have represented precipitation wall from below the Clouds.

Complete new moon effect at dawn, dusk and night. Never seen before in FSX/P3D. One analyzing engine to analyze the current weather to adapt the correct models and textures based on different settings ( Humidity, temperature etc... But also region of the world ) and will automatically update the models and textures throughout your flight. This engine will be fully compatible with all existing weather engines! Much more to be added in the coming week, after we start the beta testing. This product will be payware and We expect a price of around 25 Euros. Stay tuned for the complete list of features and I let you now discover only a few samples, there is a lot of competition! Screens taken from P3Dv3 without HDR."

No website as yet the link below is all we have for now. Thanks to ADX reader Stephane Tasso for the tip and translation. More info via the source link.