Wing Creation Back With Another Gem From Japan!


FSX/P3D. I can't stress this enough. WE NEED MORE DEVELOPERS WORKING ON JAPAN!! It's killing me that in 2017 we are not seeing more projects here. Japan for commercial flying is, mark my words: THE most fascinating country in the WORLD for commercial jet and airline operations. Rather it's landing on one of several artificial islands or one of the many real islands to the many high altitude plateau airports to the really awesome Osaka RWY 14 approach, Japan has some of the most breathtaking and challenging airports in the world. From the warm climate in the south the brutal winters in the north. Wing Creation is stepping up to the plate but they can't do it all! Mt. Fuji is next. Quality is decent but it won't come cheap. Last update via the source link!

Shout out to all our Japanese readers, you guys are awesome! Now get out there and build us some airports!