Qualitywings Q4 2017 Update

The team at Qualitywings have issued their latest and last quarterly update for 2017.

There was a lot of information released so I will do my best to break it down

Ultimate 787

  • Qualitywings has announced that Service Pack 1 is in development and will address 50 current items in the 787
  • Development is still on-going for P3Dv4 with the first test version being sent out to beta testers
    • Issues currently with P3Dv4 are night lighting and a TCAS issue not found in the FSX version
  • Development for dynamic lighting and other P3D specific features is still on going
  • They also announced a Product Improvement Package that will include the 787-10 and other additional features to be announced at a later date. The PIP is scheduled for a summer 2018 release

Ultimate 757

  • Qualitywings has stated that they plan on moving their 757 away from the add-on manager it currently has and moving it to the Flight1 wrapper to match with their other products. This conversion will be free for existing customers.
  • They have also said that they are working on a P3Dv4 conversion but are encountering issues with the TCAS and lighting. The hopes are to get a beta sent out in January.
  • This version will cost $14.95 and previous users are not entitled to any discounts
  • Also this version will receive no new features other than better CPU performance and updated CDU Fonts

Ultimate 146

The BAE 146 will also get an update for P3Dv4 and will be sold separately. The aircraft is currently in-development with beta being hopefully sent out in January. Once again no new or additional features will be added to the 146