ImagineSim Atlanta Update in the Works

While ImagineSim continues to work on their Singapore scenery, that have announced that they are also working on an update for their Atlanta scenery that will be upcoming early in the new year. The update is heavily focussed on Prepar3D v4, specifically on adding dynamic lighting and improving performance. We can expect to see this scenery update sometime early 2018: there's not long to wait now! Features of the update are listed below.

- Gigantic improvement in performance using procedures optimized for Prepar3D V4.

- Framerate speeds up by over double compared with previous Prepar3D version. Tripled and more when compared to FSX version.

- Dynamic lighting option.

- New and improved scenery configurator tool.

- Comprehensive ground and building recompile using latest Prepar3D V4 SDK 64 bit resources.

- 10.2 mile square coverage of the KATL area.

- Ultra-low simulator impact.