Drzewiecki Design Previews Tallinn v2

Polish developer Drzewiecki Design has previewed their upcoming Tallinn (EENT) v2 scenery. The work-in-progress screenshots are about half-done, but the scenery has an extensive feature list (below) to bring it up to Drzewiecki's latest standards. The scenery will be a payware update with an undecided price, however the developer says that it will be under 10 euros for existing customers to upgrade to the new version.


- Updated ground poly - extended runway, new taxiways and aprons
- New lighting for the whole airport (same standards as in our newest products)
- New MRO hangar
- Extended terminal building and some interior added
- New tramway station
- Several new high buildings North of the airport
- New vertical taxiway signs
- New fences and trees
- Updated all SODE content
- Autogen enhancements
- Updated ground imagery
- Estonian Air signs and aircraft removed
- New car parking
- Highly upgraded texture management for better performance
- FSX, FSX:SE, FSW and P3Dv1-v4 compatibility