PMDG Hints at New Products...Holiday Miracle Coming?

Perhaps the most well known developer within the flight simulation community, PMDG, has hinted towards their next product on their forums page, and it appears that a new announcement is imminent. PMDG CEO Robert Randazzo responses to a thread on their forums with the following:


I'd personally LOVE to do one of the 170-190 series and/or the new C-series.

Our schedule is pretty heavy with the 747-8, and even when we get that one released, we will still be pretty MAX'd out...

Hard to keep up with it all..."

Of course, the obvious hint here is that PMDG may be developing a Boeing 737 MAX! The forth generation of the super-popular twin engine narrowbody just entered service with airlines this year, and simulation enthusiasts have been clamoring for a simulated version of the aircraft even before it's real entry into service. As well, PMDG un-pinned most pinned posts on their forums, perhaps clearing up space for a new announcement? PMDG team member Kyle Rodgers responded to the same thread just a few minutes ago, saying "...and we still have more news for later." PMDG has said in multiple forum posts that more information is right around the corner, and now the whole community is holding it's breath waiting to see what PMDG has in store. Only the gents on the team there know now, but hopefully there will be some clarity soon.