ORBX Releases 2018 Road Map! Tons of New Products Announced and Previewed

One of the most prolific scenery developers within the flight simulation community, ORBX has been on the forefront of scenery design for years, and 2018 will be no different. The company released their 2018 road map earlier today on their forums, including updates to not one, not two, but THREE flight simulation platforms, and a long list of product announcements. I'll go over them all as briefly as I can in this article, complete with photos and slideshows. For the full release, see the ORBX Systems forums post here.

First up are more photos of the upcoming ORBX Netherlands Photoreal scenery. ORBX developer John Venema said that entire regions (note the 'S', plural, see another announcement below) will be created from photoreal scenery, and emphasizing that it will support multiple seasons, night lighting, water masking and hundreds of thousands of roads. They've also placed a ton of buildings and other objects, bringing the scenery to the level of detail in current ORBX regions. Screenshots above are for both FSX/P3D and X-Plane versions. While this scenery is listed in the 2018 road map, it appears to be very complete and I would expect to see this early in the new year.

ORBX showed off their second new photoreal region, the Pacific Northwest! No details on pricing or  release date, but it is expected to have many of the same features of their Netherlands scenery. The FSX/P3D version (above) and Aerofly FS2 version (below) were both previewed.

ORBX previewed a new set of products, CityScapes. They previewed three CityScapes (Gold Coast, Barcelona, Cote Dazur) in FSX/P3D, see photos above. They have been working on their process for creating these, and want to make it so that customers can vote on which cities they'd like to see done. CityScapes won't be perfect representations of the respective city, but they will dramatically improve default (and, from the looks of it, some payware) cities. These CityScapes will initially be released for FSX/P3D with photoreal underlays, full seasons, traffic, lighting and blend into FTX Global or ORBX regions.

As evidenced above, ORBX will continue their trend of releasing airports and sceneries for IPACS Aerofly FS2. Here are a few generic shots of much denser autogen in the Switzerland version, as well as Block Island (BID) and Jackson Hole (JAC) sceneries in FS2.

ORBX is also continuing development for X-Plane with a few new photos and releases, including Meigs Field (CGX), and Barton Manchester (EGCB).

ORBX is adding a plethora of new airports to their repertoire, including Bodo Norway (ENBO) above, and a few others below. They have "a few dozen projects underway in some form otr another." Some may be ported to Aerofly FS2, X-Plane or Flight Sim World; only time will tell.

Triengen (LSPN) above.

Rockhampton (YBRK) above.

Half Moon Bay (KHAF) above.

Wanganui (NZWU) and Dala (ESSD) above.

Billings Logan (KBIL) above.

Asturias (LEAS) above.

Barrow (PABR), Kotzebue (PAOT) and Kivalina (PAVL) above.

Spokane (KGEG) above.

And even that isn't all the products in the works at ORBX, it is just a "peek under the hood." It'll be an exciting year for sure. Be sure to stop fly Flight Sim Expo in Vegas on June 9-10, where ORBX will be a headline sponsor!