SimBreeze Abu Dhabi X Updated for Prepar3D v4

SimBreeze has released an update for their Abu Dhabi scenery, making it compatible for Prepar3D v4. The full feature list (below) is extensive, and the new scenery version is on sale for $16.79 on the SimMarket store. For customers who have purchased the v3 and below verison of the scenery, they can upgrade to the new v4 version for $10 (applied automatically).

Feature List

  • detailed representation of the airport and surrounding area
  • new Midfield Terminal included
  • contain all airport buildings
  • IK Jetways
  • SODE Jetways
  • Safegate Docking signs
  • animated apron vehicles and static objects
  • heliports on Airport
  • excellent night effects
  • dynamic lights
  • realistic runway and taxiway lighting
  • numerous scenery effects
  • configurator
  • manual