ORBX Monterey for Aerofly FS2 Released!

ORBX, the flight sim scenery developer known for their California airports and regions, has released Monterey Airport (KMRY) for IPACS Aerofly FS2. As usual with ORBX, their release was only a few days in trail of their previews of the scenery, and it looks like a fantastic addition to any FS2 simulator. As well, the scenery comes with the full suite of goodies from ORBX, including high resolution ground textures, HD mesh, and animated people using ORBX's PeopleFlow technology (a full feature list can be found below). Want to pick up ORBX Monterey now? Well, you're in luck. ORBX has included the scenery in their 45% off sale, so it can be picked up from the ORBX store for just AUD $18.10 (~USD $14) until the end of the month.


- Highly-detailed rendition of KMRY airport

- Incredible ground textures at 30/60cm

- Ultra HD mesh at 5m resolution

- Amazing sloped runway – 30m difference!

- Ultra-crisp terrain textures. Defined mountains, roads and rivers all the way to the horizon, no more blurries.

- Entire city of Monterey and surrounds 

- Incredible performance on even mid-range systems - far superior to FSX/P3D

- Amazing Virtual Reality integration: optimised for performance and smoothness, best-in-class.

- Extreme high-density vegetation and building cultivation

- Animated PeopleFlow2 technology

- Volumetric grass 

- 3D night lighting for the entire city

- Unique static aircraft and vehicles created specifically for Monterey

- Over 20 custom POI around the city

- Well-known icons such as Cannery Row,  Fisherman’s Wharf, Laguna Seca and more!