URP v1.2 Has Some Major Upgrades

Predrag, the maker of the Ultimate Realism Package Series, has announced that there will be major changes with this release for Prepar3D v4. For starters, it will give us that goldilocks haze that everyone has been looking for. For us aviators, haze is the MOST important thing for realism. Well, it isn't really, I mean you have the systems, and flight dynamics, but haze is still important for realistic visibility, especially in the summer. URP v1.2 will have varying haze, as well as removing the unrealistic transitions from lower altitude sky to upper altitudes. Additionally, he has added "an expression for rayleigh scattering, it's moderate on lower altitudes, less pronounced on higher altitude, so it doesn't affect terrain color that much anymore" (Predrag Drobac). 

He still has a lot of work left, mainly adapting the sky textures for the new system, and testing all 5 reshade presets, as well as 2 non-reshade PTA presets.

Get ready for this next freeware enhancement for P3D, and if you haven't already, get his URP v1.1 from here!