ORBX - Development Announced for X-Plane

As if all the X-Plane stuff wasn't enough, it seems like ORBX has started developing for X-Plane after announcing they were dropping the platform last January. ORBX's John Venema had posted alpha shots of the Photoreal Netherlands add-on for P3D v4 earlier, but it turns out these shots had been from X-Plane 11. Some folks were keen enough to realize the difference, and John Venema released a statement on the ORBX Forums (which you can check out here), apologizing for the confusion. But, the good news is, he has also stated that ORBX is officially developing for X-Plane, starting with their popular Netherlands add-on. In fact, the X-Plane 11 version had been the predecesor to the add-on being currently developed for P3D.

For you X-Plane folks, this could mean the start of developers shifting their focus to X-Plane! Only time will tell.