ToLiSs A319 X-Plane Announcement

Just recently, ToLiSs Aeronautical Simulation Solutions announced the development of the Airbus A319!

Here are some of their notable features in development:

  • Detailed FMGS with SID/STAR (support for ALL leg types), top of climb, top of descent, idle descent profile with economic speed, wind, holdings, step altitudes, airways, etc.
  • Top notch electro-mechanical systems - these we inherited from QPAC A320 and tweaked where required.
  • Custom sounds: You get good custom sounds out of the box.
  • Improved usability: We have fully functional situation loading saving - want to continue your flight tomorrow? Just save it and continue in exactly the same spot, exactly same configuration another day. We also autosave every 5 minutes, should x-plane ever crash.
  • Tons of more stuff on the website.

For more information on the development of their product, please see the official announcement on the X-Plane forums and their website!