TFDi Design Releases B717 Beta Update!

TFDi Design, developer of the popular SmartCARS Virtual Airline ACARS program, and FSX/P3D Boeing 717 aircraft, have released Community Opt-In Beta version The update includes adding MAX CLB, MAX END and MAX DES predictions, as well as a few performance improvement options (disabling TrueGlass and some cockpit displays), as well as multiple bug fixes. The entire changelog is listed below.

In case you don't know, the Community Opt-In Beta is an open-Beta program that allows customers to use new features on the 717 while they are still in development. This program is free of charge and more information can be found on the TFDi website.

B717 v1.0.9.16 Changelog (Released 24 November 2017)

  • [ADDED] Option to disable TrueGlass
  • [ADDED] MAX CLB, MAX END, and MAX DES predictions
  • [ADDED] Ability to disable certain displays via the tablet to improve performance
  • [FIXED] A bug causing the tablet to redraw constantly that could potentially decrease performance
  • [FIXED] Pressurization not always honoring landing altitude
  • [FIXED] Autopilot not deflecting the elevator and aileron control tabs
  • [FIXED] Yoke input while autopilot is engaged causing aileron oscillations
  • [FIXED] Erroneous IRU 3 FAIL message
  • [FIXED] Fuel handle not lighting up under the correct scenarios
  • [FIXED] TrueGlass not allowing defogging to occur naturely
  • [FIXED] TrueGlass showing visible droplets at unreasonable airspeeds
  • [FIXED] TrueGlass allowing defog/fog reduction to occur too quickly
  • [FIXED] Temperature units setting not being honored by the airplane
  • [FIXED] Vertical speed/FPA wheel not starting selection from the current number
  • [FIXED] A data interpolation bug that caused strange engine performance under several scenarios
  • [CHANGED] Updated tablet example image